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RedemptionSpark Erotic | 2020
We have all had days where nothing seems to go right. These days challenge us and invite us to find our spirit again in the midst of frustration and loss. ROGUE, a woman in her mid-twenties, is fired from work and comes home dejected, carrying a box of her office belongings. Kicking her shoes off, she pours a glass of wine to relax and try to forget the day. She has a text conversation with a friend to whom she confirms her layoff from the company she has poured her heart into for five years. Bad goes to worse when Rogue spills her wine on herself, shattering the glass in shards around her. She faces herself in the bathroom mirror and strips off the wine-stained clothing to enter the shower to try and wash away her troubles. As the water cascades over Rogue’s body she is reminded of her power and ability to choose her own response to her challenges. Turning on music, she begins to dance and her movements encourage a change of attitude. She begins to touch herself sexually in time with the music, building to a climax that leaves her satisfied and breathless. We celebrate with her as she draws a smiling face in the condensation of the shower glass - expressing her redemption from the hours before.
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