Produced by:Spark Erotic
Starring: Avalon


An erotic film about the pleasures of morning There’s a powerful feeling when the sun comes up and the day starts. The light plays beautifully and reminds us that life begins anew every day. No surprise that such a feeling can inspire an erotic experience. As the sights and sounds of morning play, SATYA, a beautiful brunette woman stirs in bed and awakes. She kisses her partner in bed still asleep and goes downstairs in the still of the morning to make breakfast. She pays special attention to the preparation and presentation for her lover and carries a gilded tray with beautiful food to their bedside. Satya nudges her sleeping partner and gets a response asking for “five more minutes”. Undeterred, she has an idea and goes to the end of the bed climbing under the covers towards the headboard only to uncover AVALON, a beautiful blonde woman who smiles at Satya and kisses her good morning. Breakfast lies untouched as Satya and Avalon greet the daybreak sharing their erotic love. Their responses and orgasms are beautiful and real; how two real lovers would be knowing the other’s pleasures and how to inflame them. After the conclusion of their play, Avalon and Satya lie in bed caressing each other and sharing tastes of breakfast. As they relax, the door downstairs opens and a man’s voice says “Honey, I’m home,” further mumbling about a red eye flight and a recent business merger. As the husband climbs the stairs he is greeted by the two women in bed who are not ashamed or afraid of their discovery but rather inviting of his homecoming and presence. Will the morning pleasures continue? Most likely.
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