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The Seven Deadly SinsMaria Beatty | 2018
Caught in the act of coveting her mistress’ position as a notorious exotic dancer, a young maid must submit to her sadism and her lust. Her perfect body is made the theatre for a re-enactment of the lessons of Seven Deadly Sins. The mistress is an expert in the art of sensual torment, and she punishes her servant with a bewildering, intoxicating combination of graphic pleasure and delicious pain. Together they indulge in lasciviousness and intemperance, managing to violate every tenet of virtue. The mistress’ sadism is matched by the maids gluttony for punishment. Tender flesh is slapped, flogged, and clamped, all accompanied by moans of pleasure and mocking laughter. And still, the maid must serve! This beautiful film reveals a new setting for a mistress and her young maid: the roaring 20’s when decadence was a privilege. The gorgeous combination of retro visuals and contemporary explicitness creates a fresh experience in fetish film.
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