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Converted to TicklingMaria Beatty | 2018
EXPLORING A VERY TABOO TOPIC WITH ARTISTIC STYLE AND A UNIQUE STATE OF GRACE. AN EROTIC TALE OF SACRILEGIOUS PROPORTIONS. Some say originality is a sin, a deviance to be corrected. What could be a more original form of correction, or deviance for that matter, than tickling? What could be a more sinful scenario than the nun meets the schoolgirl? Could it get any more sacrilegious? Come on though. It’s laughter we’re talking about as punishment. That’s not so bad. Or is it? Perhaps it is… If you are caught on the receiving end. It seemed innocent enough. A school girl. A nun. The Act of Confession. A typical morning at parochial school, on the surface. Look a little deeper. Imagine our mother superior pierced in places God might never suspect. Imagine our schoolgirl as not so innocent. Our mother superior discovers our schoolgirl has been admiring other students at this fine girl’s school and must pay for her sins. Now imagine how we punish naughty little girls in our tale of conversion. Tickling. What else? Now picture this. The tables are turned. Our schoolgirl proves just how naughty she is. Imagine the nun’s surprise when she wakes up after a blow to the head and discovers she is tied up, spread-eagle to a cross, with only her habit on. Add some hot wax, and bad attitude, now let’s see whose turn it is to beg for mercy in this erotic tale of tickling.
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