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Guide to FistingPink And White Productions | 2019
Queer porn meets sex ed in CrashPad’s Guide to Fisting, the first “experts guide” to feature the sensual and consensual act of fisting. Starring Lorelei Lee and Beretta James, the short educational sex film offers a beginners’ introduction from the perspective of a lesbian couple watching CrashPadSeries.com episodes. They browse videos that feature vaginal and anal fisting as demonstrated by performers including Maybelline and Mariah Cherry Christmas Special, Jacqueline Woods and Stefani Special, and Red and Javier. Even the CrashPad’s voyeur — played by director Shine Louise Houston — gets in on the action. (Fun fact: Shine’s background includes being a trained sex educator!) “It will be fun,” says Lorelei to Beretta, whose curiosity is piqued. “We’ll talk our way through everything and communicate the whole time.” Lorelei and Beretta watch various episodes, then talk their way through a hot one-on-one educational sex scene, demonstrating how to fist through first-hand experience.
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