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If You DareCommon Sensual | 2020
If You Dare is the result of my own fantasies and experience as a submissive slave and the pleasure it gives me. Starring real-life couple Irina Vega and Fenyx Santos, the two characters set up the kinkiest play date ever. Starting with some light spanking and teasing, the master makes her weep, exercising total control over her and her orgasms, sucking on her pussy and bending her over to slowly fuck her and drive her to climax.
Taking advantage of the unexpected, he leads her to ecstasy while she sucks his cock and obeys his every rule, which she truly enjoys, blindfolded, agonizingly building up the pleasure, feeling him deep inside of her and letting him firmly devour her.
This modern version of a kinky experience is miles away from the cheesy clichés of BDSM and makes us dive into an authentic, intimate and intense fantasy.
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