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Ladies of the Night: "Les Vampyres"Maria Beatty | 2000
LUSH AND GOTHIC, RARELY HAS EROTICA IN FILM BEEN SO STUNNINGLY PRESENTED. Night is falling. A frightened Schoolgirl makes her way along the deserted cobbled street, glancing fearfully around her. She is being pursued, but by whom--or what? Swept away, she awakens in an eerie, candlelit mansion. Her captors, the mysterious Ladies of the Night. Ageless and deadly, they examine their newest plaything. Teasing, tormenting, seducing, they toy with their young victim. As her alarm subsides, she submits to their dark, haunting beauty more and more eagerly… Led to the underground Torture Chamber, flogged, paddled, and caned, she is driven to the brink of absolute surrender… With the approach of dawn, her torture intensifies, and the Vampires at last taste her Virgin blood. Like an exotic, long lost silent movie re-discovered, it’s sheer sensuality and beauty will astound you. This stunning work is truly a landmark in the world of fetish film.
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